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Our integration solutions are derived from years of cross-industry experience and technology expertise. Highly scalable and based on new platforms like the cloud and virtual servers, they can be readily adapted for future requirements.

Because our global consulting team uses best practices as well as frameworks and methodologies, we can meet all software integration requirements, including application integration, EDI/B2B, Business Activity Monitoring, Business Process Management and SOA.


Enterprise Architecture Integration

Our technology specialists and architects provide unique value with the following solutions:

  • Integration architecture roadmap
  • Proof of concept
  • Product evaluation
  • ESB/BPM/B2B/EDI consulting
  • Setting up ICC
  • Roadmap for EAI/ESB/SOA implementation
  • Business process and infrastructure optimization
  • Capacity planning for middleware
  • Integration testing strategy

Business Process Integration

  • Activity Monitoring - Interactive, real-time dashboards and proactive alerts to monitor business processes and services.
  • Business Process Management (BPM) - To help your company become an efficient, process-driven organization, Panaromic offers a rich set of BPM process design, analysis and optimization and management capabilities.

SOA/ESB Solution

Includes a set of service-bus capabilities to drive service-oriented architecture development and enterprise integration. These help you achieve adaptive, extensible and lower-cost operations.

Tools and Frameworks

To accelerate the implementation process and enhance time to value, we have created a wide array of tools, frameworks and templates, including:

  • Our Web-enabled, service-testing automation tool, S2TIF. This enables you to create and execute test cases and reduce testing effort by as much as 15%.
  • The TIBCO BusinessWorks Best Practices-Adherence Reporting Tool (BART) validates your EAI project's adherence to industry-accepted best practices, as well as to your own design and development standards.
  • EAI RACE accurately automates EAI testing and the validation process, which normally demands much manual effort. The tool provides various features for faster completion of EDI implementation.
  • Spotter, our webMethods code-review framework, is a single solution for all quality checks on webMethods code. It's designed to help teams maximize efficiency and competence.
  • Panaromic's global routing framework, gRATE, integrates with-applications seamlessly and enables new levels of orchestration, intelligent routing and transformation.