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Our application maintenance and re-engineering services help you migrate from legacy systems to newer, more distributed architectures that can meet today's more stringent business demands. We can help you either maintain existing systems or renovate applications to comply with new regulations, new standards or other external events.

Examples of the services our team provides are compliance updates, decimalization for the securities industry and compliance with the healthcare industry's Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).


Application Maintenance/ Application Value Management

Knowledge transfer is at the core of a structured process for transferring application maintenance from your internal IT staff to our team. This process consists of studying your technical environment, understanding your applications and their interdependencies and conducting a gap analysis to identify areas requiring future work. We do this by working with your technology administrators, operations, application experts and end users.

Application Re-Engineering/ Re-Architecture

Panaromic enables existing IT applications and products to leverage the latest technologies so you can improve business functionality and performance.

Solutions include:

  • Portfolio Analysis - Analysis and rationalization, restructuring and partitioning, roadmap definition
  • Migration Services - Legacy to next-generation platforms, migration to open source
  • Extend Services - Feature enhancement, internationalization for use in different geographies, according to local laws and customs, legacy wrapping to share data or logic across disparate systems
  • SOA Enablement - Definition of vision, strategy and business goals, business and technical architecture, implementation

Our re-engineering tools automate many processes required to implement advanced technology platforms. Using these tools, we:

  • Perform source code analysis
  • Redesign target databases
  • Convert certain programming languages
  • Redesign and convert user interfaces

Real-Time Delivery Methodology

Our real-time delivery methodology helps clients cope with complex and mission-critical situations so that there's little to no downtime or lost productivity.

We can help with:

  • Rapid application enhancements
  • Redesigning to a new incarnation
  • Mission-critical IT applications
  • Accelerated product development
  • Exploration of new delivery channels

IT applications with challenging nonfunctional requirements

We accomplish application updates using a proven set of real-time delivery building blocks, including training, virtual teams, a resourcing model, effective communications and support groups. Our development processes include:

  • Parallel development
  • Source code management process
  • Quality Assurance