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One of the best ways to adapt quickly to change in IT is to adopt the principles of Agile development. By doing so, organizations can remain competitive and rein in costs.

We have one of the largest full-service Agile practices catering to the Fortune 500, with more than 70 Agile coaches and 400 practicing Scrum masters globally. Our team uses DaikiboSM Panaromic's Agile methodology for large-scale programs for accelerated software delivery. This helps guarantees lower IT costs, greater productivity and fewer defects.


Assessment and Planning

This service helps organizations understand how they are progressing in Agile adoption and results in detailed recommendations for process improvement. Our Agile coaches review your existing teams, their process and their past performance. We then compare those with the Agile themes and principles as well as our own best practices to recommend and provide guidelines that will help your organization succeed.

Services range from assessing readiness to developing recommendations and roadmaps for continuous improvement. This helps organizations:

  • Assess Agile adoption readiness
  • Develop recommendations for Agile adoption
  • Assess current maturity level of Agile practices
  • Make recommendations and create a roadmap for continuous improvement

Training and Coaching

These services help organizations reduce the risk to delivery by applying critical guidance, foresight, mentoring and facilitation of agile processes for leadership and their teams.

Our Agile coaches provide hands-on, pragmatic guidance to your organization, from strategy to mechanics. They will when necessary incorporate training to reduce delivery risk. Our training and coaching offerings include:

  • Courses on everything from best practices and organizational change to artifacts implementation and coaching
  • Workshops on everything from Agile 101 and Team Jumpstart to Scrum master training
  • Two-in-a-box Agile coaches, a personalized coaching model that includes an onsite client manager experienced in your industry working with you, as well as a dedicated delivery manager

Application Development


coaches guide project teams to implement a tailored Agile approach based on their organization and culture. We offer expertise in Scrum, feature-driven development, Kanban, Balanced Estimation and Daikibo.

Created by Panaromic, Daikibo is a combination of Scrum, Kanban and XP frameworks. It addresses the how to questions that arise around large scale and/or offshore engagements. Meanwhile Balanced EstimationSM is another Panaromic innovation for balancing project cost, schedule and scope .

Enterprise Transformation

Our Agile coaches collaborate with clients to craft a unique strategic approach based on the Value Delivery Engine framework. This is Panaromic's recommended starting point for organizations looking achieve a higher level of efficiency, improve time-to-market and increase stakeholder satisfaction. Our Organizational Change Management practice usually plays a key role in the transition.

Enterprise transformation services include:

  • Implementing, upgrading and maintaining enterprise applications
  • Infrastructure consolidation
  • Portfolio analysis and optimization