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Changing markets and customer demands are creating opportunities for forward-thinking companies to re-imagine the way they engage with their guests, partners and employees. Restaurant and food service providers are seeking help with their online ordering, social monitoring, customer analytics, consumer insights, supply chain optimization and store and restaurant operations to become more efficient and customer-centric. As the only top-tier provider to offer IT and BPO industry services to restaurants, you will enjoy solutions that are delivered with unrivaled speed and quality.


Store Support and Service Desk CoE

Our Store Support and Help Desk CoE helps your stores/franchises maintain smart, efficient and smooth operations at lower costs. Restaurants can stay focused on the customer experience and revenue generation.

With our Store Support and Help Desk CoE, stores gain five critical competitive advantages:
  • Restaurant expertise: You gain a partner with expert understanding of retail and restaurant environments.
  • Single point of accountability: stores call one number regardless of the issue's severity or vendor.
  • Flexibility with our per store pricing mode.
  • Global delivery. When your business is ready to grow, ours grows with you.

Metrics, tools and reporting. Clients gain fresh insight into system costs with our service's easy-to-read dashboards and reports on efficiency and effectiveness.

F&A Managed Business Process Services

Managed business services offers the agility necessary for a restaurant chain to globalize its operations shrinking and growing as dictated by new markets and acquisitions. By outsourcing F&A processes, our clients can achieve greater flexibility and scalability without having to choose between cost reduction and process improvements.

Point-of-Sale (POS) Services

Transform point-of-sale to point-of-service and create a seamless guest experience with our end-to-end POS services:

  • POS mobile and Web enabling
  • Electronic gift cards
  • POS and back-office L1 & L2 help desk
  • PCI compliance
  • Restaurant Back Office Systems Integration

By optimizing back of house (BOH) system and processes like labor scheduling, inventory and menu management, and kitchen display systems, we help restaurants reduce operational costs and increase employee efficiency and engagement. Our business intelligence and analytics solutions provide a single source of the truth for restaurant store operations.

Next Generation ERP Implementation

Panaromic is helping restaurant organizations move to a unified, new generation ERP system (Oracle Fusion) consolidating restaurant back office and enterprise ERP system into a single source of truth for P&L, inventory, labor and food cost.