• Leading banks worldwide trust our payment solutions for transaction.


Our BPS expertise and deep industry knowledge have allowed us to build trust with companies across multiple vertical industries, throughout the world.

Our BPS solutions are designed to help clients increase revenues, enhance customer satisfaction and grow margins. Many of the largest companies outsource their business processes to Panaromic, including leaders in banking and financial services, communications, healthcare, media and entertainment, life sciences, insurance, retail and travel and hospitality.


Banking and Financial Services

Our BPS practice offers holistic business solutions to the banking and financial services industry. Driven by our investments in emerging trends such as mobile technologies, analytics and the cloud, we have the expertise and global delivery models that help clients comply with changing regulations, develop and enhance products and reduce cost.

Examples of benefits achieved by clients include:

  • Optimized post trade securities processing and significantly reduced operational risk through improvement in STP rates and reduction in settlement fails for a leading investment bank.
  • Sustained cost improvement and annual productivity improvement for a leading fund manager enabled through business process optimization, technology leverage and scale efficiencies.
  • Streamlined the investor on-boarding and cash-management functions using BPM workflows for a leading asset manager.
  • Used predictive analytics for a leading payment processor to reduce the incidence of merchant fraud in the credit card industry.


You shouldn't have to struggle because your business partners do not understand technology and your technology and services partners do not understand your business. We help bridge this gap by bringing together our consulting, technology and business process expertise in the communications industry.

We provide services to manage orders, billing, customer support and service operations more effectively. We also show you how to redirect limited resources toward tomorrow's revenue generators based on new technologies like the cloud, smart mobile devices, social media and analytics. As a result, you can:

  • Increase revenue and customer retention
  • Significantly enhance the customer experience
  • Reduce SG&A operating costs through transforming and globalizing service operations


Our BPS healthcare practice helps you lower costs, reduce care related expenses, increase revenues and create a better customer experience. Our relationship with leading healthcare organizations worldwide puts us in a unique position to deliver services through our integrated IT/BPO model.

We provide a wide range of services, from customer service, enrollment and claims processing, to licensed clinicians supporting clinical services across multiple products (e.g., Commercial, Medicare and Medicaid).You can:

  • Hasten time-to-market and enhance revenue by acquiring, retaining and growing your member base.
  • Reduce administrative costs through transformational initiatives and IT/BPS synergies.
  • Access talented resources and skills including claims, licensed agents, ICD, CMS, Medicare and clinicians.
  • Create management time to focus on business strategies
  • Use a wide array of tools that increase productivity, provide management reporting and assist in managing quality and compliance.
  • Enhance your customer experience utilizing the latest tools (e.g. CRM, desktop applications, multi-channel tools, social media and more).

Media and Entertainment

Services include online advertising operations, pre-media services, revenue and royalty management, campaign management assurance and finance and accounting. We show you how to redirect limited resources toward tomorrow's revenue generators based on new technologies like the cloud, smart mobile devices, social media and analytics. Our unique solutions enable customers to achieve tangible business benefits, such as:

  • Increase online advertising revenue while reducing leakage.
  • Increase productivity by leveraging our digital platforms.
  • Gain greater insight into your business and markets by leveraging our investment and capabilities in analytics and research.
  • Reduce SG&A operating costs by leveraging shared service operations.


Our Insurance BPS services help manage end-to-end business functions for life and annuity, retirement and property and casualty insurance carriers. They manage core operational services such as

  • New business and underwriting
  • Agency and distribution management
  • Policy administrative services
  • Shared services, as well as horizontal support services such as F&A and procurement.
  • Insurance companies work with partners to not just leverage cost advantages, but also gain access to a global talent pool, variable-ize expenses and create new products faster. We help carriers achieve these benefits through deep domain experience, diverse technology expertise and a proven track-record of delivering value to leading brands in the global Insurance industry. Clients routinely:
  • Enhance their customer experience and improve retention
  • Gain greater efficiency through automated functions and reduced operating costs.
  • Enhance cost transparency and cost predictability
  • Speed time-to-market of new products and services
  • Minimize operations risk and receive help with insurance regulation compliance.

Life Sciences

Our BPS practice helps life sciences companies achieve next generation success. We do so by helping improve processes to adopt new technologies and increase competitiveness in today's global markets. As a result, our pharmaceutical, biotech, medical devices and generics customers can bring products to market faster, reduce costs for drug development and significantly bring down cycle times.

We deliver transformative solutions across clinical, safety and commercial functions. Key areas of services include CDM, biostatistics/statistical programing, medical writing, document publishing, regulatory submissions, PV/safety and remote/risk-based monitoring.

  • Our BPS offerings can also help you:
  • Achieve regulatory compliance through quality improvements and less rework.
  • Accelerate product timelines in R&D
  • Maximize patent life and profitability
  • Increase agility to respond faster to new market opportunities.
  • Stay ahead of the competition by introducing innovative products first.


Manage and execute your operations more effectively by leveraging our deep domain experience working with retailers around the world. Our Retail Information Management (RIM) software an integrated retail solution acts as an engine for data acquisition, standardization and system harmonization with up-front data governance and standardization.

Our services span the entire spectrum of finance and accounting, including lease accounting, distribution accounting and freight and transportation accounting. We also provide buying and merchandising services, promotions management, reporting, marketing and analytics, e-commerce and online support, store and customer support help desks. With our help you will:

  • Save on time and labor costs, one of the most critical cost components for the industry.
  • Redeploy valuable talent and capital resources to new business opportunities.
  • Better leverage fixed, stable costs across all processes.
  • Achieve higher operational efficiencies and cost savings through delivery excellence.

Travel and Hospitality

The travel and hospitality sector continues to experience growth in different business markets, be it in restaurant services or the hotels segment. We provide IT services that focus on enhancing the customer experience and decrease operational costs thereby freeing you to focus on more customer-facing tasks.

Our solutions include a combination of technology and processes and provide support for store and franchise operations. They deliver finance and accounting support in crucial areas such as property and lease accounting, franchise accounting and royalty accounting. Over time we have created a leadership position in the space of store support and customer care. Our BPS deliverables to clients have included:

  • Integrated store support for a well-known quick service restaurant.
  • End-to-end support of multiple accounting sub-processes for a leading casual dining restaurant chain, including property and lease accounting, fixed assets and receivables.
  • Menu and pricing updates for restaurant and hotel chain.