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With resources scarce and budgets tight, IT organizations need new ways to reduce costs and work more efficiently. Remote outsourcing of infrastructure services is one increasingly popular option with Panaromic clients.


Global Delivery

With operations centers in the India and Europe, our flexible delivery model optimizes resources and delivery location to best meet your needs. Remote monitoring services are provided 24 x 7 from any Panaromic center using the OnTarget platform. These centers are replicated to ensure safety and security ensures consistency and quality in delivery no matter where your services are deployed.

OnTarget Platform

This ITIL-based delivery system covers all phases of service delivery and includes complete automation at the event, task and overall workflow levels.

With OnTarget, you have a view of your operations at all times. Every comment that's recorded, details about every device under management and more is provided in easy-to-access reports through a real-time client portal.

Operations Maturity Model

Our operations maturity model takes raw data from Panaromic's remote infrastructure monitoring and transforms it into metrics and reports to drive continuous improvement. Using an ITIL-based operational framework, the model draws from 42 indices to measure your delivery, technology and automation on a regular basis. Detailed metrics show you how we're performing and how you're doing. You gain a means of measuring results that is both visible and transparent and we get the metrics and provide continuous improvement.

The flexibility and granular level of service delivery provide important business advantages, including:

  • End-to-end problem and incident management
  • Better performance reporting
  • Robust, rigorous change management
  • Continuous improvement

Pre-Packaged Modular Solutions

Pre-packaged, modular solutions define each deliverable separately, so you can assemble the services that best meet your needs.

After defining, creating and testing the services and supported products, we activate them across all our delivery models. We also integrate and support each service in our ESM platform architectures, ITIL operational processes and run books. And because we can pre-define services at detailed task levels, you can select the support package that best matches your needs.

This "productized" approach means you buy and use only the services that work best in your environment.