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Whether data is local, in the cloud or both, you are quickly inundated with massive amounts of information. Social media, intranet collaboration systems, and other data sources pose big challenges. But the volume, velocity, variety and complexity of Big Data can also be a huge corporate asset that you must exploit in order to thrive.

Don't get buried. We have the experience, skills and tools you require to turn your business problems into business insights.


Big Data Strategic Overview

Central to Panaromic's strategy around discovering and driving business value in big data is our innovative suite of solutions. Each leverages big data technologies to deliver enhanced insight and analytics to various industries.

Some use cases of big data across industry sectors:

  • Financial and Insurance Services: Early-warning fraud detection systems, identity threat management, claims fraud monitoring.
  • Life Sciences: Physician interaction optimization, proactive manufacturing surveillance, next-generation genetic sequencing, real-world evidence, translational sciences and imaging.
  • Healthcare: Cross-channel analytics, campaign optimization and fraud detection.
  • Communication, Media and Entertainment: Discover churn patterns, digital asset management (DAM).

Big Data Services

Our Enterprise Information Management practice has built a robust set of big data service offerings to cater to customer needs.

  • Big data strategy and roadmap definition
  • Technology evaluation and piloting
  • Data visualization and analytics
  • Idea to implementation
  • Big data lab on demand
  • Solution accelerators

BigDecisionsTM Business Solution Platform

The BigDecisions Business Solution Platform provides a best-of-breed approach to resolve big data challenges and drive significant benefits. The approach combines business use cases and big data technology solutions for complex data management and analytics that lead to measureable outcomes.

Big Data Industry Solutions

Panaromic's focus on innovation and business processes is underscored by a host of industry solutions developed by our domain experts. Our integrated social media analytics and reporting tool iSMART empowers businesses to meet their social media needs and provides real-time insight into social media effectiveness.

Our framework for Longitudinal Analysis, iLaser (integrated Longitudinal AnalySER), cross-references data variables over periods of time. iLaser unearths meaningful patterns from chaos, analyzing customer spending behavior, for example. iLaser also identifies customer segment responsiveness to particular campaigns.