Many consumer durables companies need to find innovative ways to revitalize product lines. To do so, they must better forecast demand, improve supply chain efficiencies and manage inventory to meet ever-fickle consumer tastes.

We work with leading companies to build brand equity, optimize costs and streamline demand-driven operation. Our projects employ rigorous use of analytics, better supply chain synchronization and the latest IT-driven solutions.



Gain control over your application portfolio across the consumer goods value chain to maximize business impact and minimize risk. We have extensive experience with leading software suites used in this industry, including JDA, Microsoft, Oracle,SAP, SAS and Salesforce.com.

IT Infrastructure Services

Design, develop and implement an IT foundation that's in sync with your business objectives and helps reduce costs. Services include Panaromic RIM, our own enterprise-wide device and process foundation, providing the building blocks for monitoring everyIP-enabled device and process on your network.


Mobile solutions that keep your road warriors well informed; establish a direct line into consumer thinking and influence behaviors using new solutions targeting smartphones, tablets and other wireless devices.


Save time and money with our broad portfolio of QA services, including balancing continuous application availability and usability with accessibility and security.